Qahwa - Espresso coffee maker

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A unique coffee maker to brew your coffee the italian way

In Italy we drink coffee in two different ways: the most famous one is espresso, the second way is known as moka and almost every italian family owns one or more mokas.

Moka system is preferred by many, since with such special type of coffee maker, it is possible to prepare a pure, smooth coffee with a perfect touch of sweetness, slightly more diluted than espresso.

Mokas are normally used on gas fires but they can be used also on electric or glass ceramic hobs.

Qahwa, is a small piece of art invented and made by expert hands by a pool of artisans (who love coffee!) and it is a unique innovative concept, the natural evolution of the traditional italian moka.

Qahwa is a revolutionary coffee machine (with patented design made), which also makes it possible, without the use of electric or complicated apparatus, to obtain a delicious “crema” on the top of your preferred drink thanks to the special water circuit of the machine and the unique boiler which is at the base of the machine itself.

Qahwa has been a terrific success in Italy since its launch a few years ago, and it is loved above all by travellers.

With Qahwa you will obtain an intense “aroma” which is possible only with this very special coffee machine and which lots of italian consumers prefer to the more traditional espresso above all in the late morning or in the afternoon.


Qawha from Qahwa on Vimeo.


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